27-29 Oktober 2021

Pobediteley Ave., 20/2, 
Minsk, Belarus

Road construction


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

JSC “MinskExpo” invites you to take part in the international specialised exhibition “Road Construction”, wich will be held in Minsk from the 27-29th of October  2021 at the exhibition centre at Football Manege, 20/2 Pobediteley Ave., Minsk

The subjects of the fair are:

-planning and construction of roads and engineering structures:

- project  institutes;
- building, repairing and road reconstruction organizations;
- materials and supplies.

-machines and equipment for road building, repairing and maintenance:

- graders;
- rollers;
- compactors;
- floor saws;
- road-milling machines and instruments;
- machines and equipment for road marking.


-machines for digging:

-drills and drilling tools;

-components, spare parts for construction machines:


-technical means of traffic regulation:

-road signs;
-road marking supplies
-traffic lights;
-light equipment;
-information boards;
-deicing materials;

-road service:

- petrol station service;
- parking;
- roadside service: hotels, cafes, restaurants, shopping outlets.

Various business programs will be organised during the exhibition, including contests, seminars, conferences, special presentations, etc.

Looking forward to your reply.

Contact person: Tatyana LUKASHOVA

Tel.: +375-17-2269858, 2269083
Fax:  +375-17-2269858, 2269936
e-mail: tanya@minskexpo.com